Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Get a real-world education in the virtual world. Online criminal justice degrees are one of the most popular online degree programs, and are a good fit for brand new criminal justice students and current CJ professionals looking to boost their credentials and advance their careers.

Advantages of online learning include flexibility and convenience. In an online criminal justice program, you can study and complete your coursework in subjects like criminal law, organizational security, and justice from home or anywhere that you have access to the Internet. And since there's no set class schedule requiring in-person attendance, you can participate at anytime.

Online degree programs are available at regionally or nationally accredited schools, and offer the same learning experiences, faculty, and curriculum you'd find at many on-campus schools.

Pursue associate, bachelor's or master's degrees in a variety of criminal justice-related programs, from criminal justice administration to paralegal training.

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