Career Profile: Casino Gaming in New Jersey

Career Profile: Casino Gaming in New Jersey

Fed up with low wages and dead-end jobs? Ready to change your fortunes with a new career amid the lights and glitter?

A hospitality management degree with an emphasis on casino management can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become a competent leader in a casino resort.

Like nearly every business establishment in New Jersey, Atlantic City casinos have workers who direct and oversee day-to-day operations.

Gaming supervisors and gaming managers oversee the gaming operations and personnel in an assigned area. They circulate among the tables and observe the operations to ensure that all of the stations and games are covered for each shift and that workers and gamblers adhere to the rules of the games. Periodically, they also address complaints about service.

Training and Education

Many degree programs are convenient, part-time programs ideal for those interested in a new career in the casino industry, or for those existing casino employees looking to advance into higher levels of management.

Classes may include Gaming Management, Commercial Gaming Law, Accounting for the Gaming Industry, Casino Marketing, Quantitative Methods and Applications in Casino Gaming, Conference and Event Planning and Management, Tourism Marketing, and more.

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